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eMLM Smart Payment Gateway Link engine is a software that allows end user to make payment from internet. They payment mode can be via Credit / Debit Card and Online Banking.  This payment engine allow system administrator to do setting to link to the payment gateway provider to process online payment. It will also able to connect to FPX in Malaysia, and also other payment processor in the internet like 2CheckOut, PayPal, WorldPay and so on.

eMLM Smart SMS Link Engine is a software that allows system administrator to setup linkage to Multiple SMS gateway. Therefore, the MLM company can engage the most cost saving and effective local SMS gateway provider for their SMS to be sent internationally to all over the world.  System Administrator also can set PRIORITY Gateway provider so that this engine can search for alternate provider, when the selected provider is not functioning.

eMLM Dynamic Network Genealogy is a engine that will be able to plot Network Genealogy with Full flexibility. It supports both Binary Genealogy(2 direct downlines) and conventional (multiple direct downlines) genealogy.   This engine will be able to generate network hierarchy horizontally with unlimited level loading in real time. The graphical view distinguishes the gender, age group, active status by icons and colors.

eMLM Filtering Engine is an engine to allow user to generate “template of conditions” with multiple criteria, and store it for future SMS, eMail, Reporting, Mail merge etc… An example of the conditions can be “all Male members maintaining 100 bv from June 2007 to January 2008”.

eMLM SMS Setup is a module which allow flexible configuration and setup of SMS notifications without modification of the software, for example, to send a welcome message to newly joined members OR to send a daily bonus update.

SMS Update Engine is a software that allows the administrator or technical people to set or customize their own “keyword” and action of the SMS received. The engine will process the SMS request base on the keyword and take the action preset by the administrator.

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